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We work with both traditional and digital (intra oral scan) impressions, so you do not have to make any investment to benefit.
With technology constantly changing, it is vital to keep up with new techniques, processes and materials.
Digital dentistry is rapidly becoming more popular and we have recently upgraded our system to ceramill from Amann Girrbach.
All stages of work are now completed in-house.
The hardware is useless without good software and we have acquired all the various software modules available to this system.
This enables us to do so much more that just basic crown & bridge work.
You still need the skilled technicians.
If asked whether this process removes the skilled technician from the equation a, the answer would be NO
You still need a skilled operator who understands tooth morphology and function to get the best quality restorations.
Then of course, you have your layered restorations, especially on anteriors, which only a highly skilled technician can do.

The process:

  • We scan traditional impression and also work from digital intra oral scans.
  • After model preparation, the models are placed into our CAD/CAM scanner and are digitally scanned.
  • This will create a 3D model on the computer, which we will use to design the restoration.
  • Once designed, the data is sent to one of our milling units, which will mill the restoration from the various materials available to us.
  • Certain materials like Zirconia and Sintron metal needs to be sintered.

Benefits of the Digital Process:

  • Exceptional restoration quality and fit.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Faster processing times, meaning faster turnaround on cases.
  • Better communication with dentists

Software which offers more possibilities:

As previously mentioned, we did not hold back when it came to the software modules and have installed all of the software available for the system

  • Ceramill MIND – General operating software for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays veneers, telescopic crowns and even precision attachments.
  • Ceramill ARTEX – Virtual articulation.
  • Ceramill M-PLANT – Comprehensive implant software.
  • Ceramill M-BARS – In-house fabrication of customised bars.
  • Ceramill M-SPLINT – Fabrication of functional and accurately fitting therapeutic splints.
  • Ceramill MICROSHELL – Fabrication of temporary restorations.
  • Ceramill TRUESMILE & MINDFORMS – Improved quality tooth library for more natural looking restorations,
  • Ceramill M-BUILD – In-house digital model fabrication
  • Ceramill DICOM VIEWER – Visualisation and Communication software.


  • Titanium implant custom abutments.
  • Zirconia implant custom abutments on Titanium base.
  • Ceramill Sintron – Wax like material milled and then sintered in-house to create CoCr frameworks for porcelain bonded restorations.
  • Zirconia with various translucencies including a very highly translucent ceramill Zolid FX zirconia for full contour restorations.
  • E.max and a whole range of other ceramic materials.
  • Splint Material
  • Temporary restoration material.
  • Outpatient surgery

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